PMK ethyl glycidate CAS 28578-16-7 Powder

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1. PMK ethyl glycidate CAS 28578-16-7 Powder products details

CAS 28578-16-7
EINECS 234-232-0
chemical formula C13H14O5
molecular weight 250.25
InChI InChI=1S/C13H14O5/c1-3-15-12(14)13(2)11(18-13)8-4-5-9-10(6-8)17-7-16-9/h4- 6,11H,3,7H2,1-2H3
density 1.302±0.06 g/cm3(Predicted)
boiling point 327.8±42.0 °C(Predicted)

2.Company Profile and shipping

PMK ethyl glycidate CAS 28578-16-7.

Discover the exceptional advantages of PMK Ethyl Glycidate, our premium chemical raw material with CAS number 28578-16-7. With its superior quality and versatility, PMK Ethyl Glycidate offers a wide range of applications. Experience outstanding results and unlock new potentials with PMK Ethyl Glycidate.

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